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Yet another prospective buyer

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Hi, everyone.

I've enjoyed reading the voluminous posts and instructional material at this wonderful site. One question, and then a request for advice:

1. Any thoughts about squeezing a second passenger into the car (curled up in back, I guess) for a short trip? It seems to go against everything I've read here, but I wonder whether anyone has done it. I usually drive alone or with one passenger; this would be strictly for very rare occasions.

2. I looked at, and plan to test-drive, a new 2005 Insight that the dealer said arrived on the lot within the past couple of months. Does that make sense? A trustworthy salesman at my local dealership said it's possible, because of how long it takes from ordering to delivery in this country. I'll check the invoice, of course. Just looking for input.

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merigayle said:
Susan, That's cool that you got to test drive one! I ordered my 2006 back in Oct and am buying it on good faith, hopefully in April (or March). I would love to test drive one, but I have seen 3 in 6 months here :(
Sorry you're having such a tough time finding one. Have you thought about flying out to Cali and driving it home? Cali to PA would be around $100 and you'd get to see the country from behind the windshield of your new Insight! I bought my Pathfinder in New Hampshire back in '01. I flew out and drove it to Florida, hit Daytona Beach (used to go to school there), saw my folks...did some sailing in Sarasota...went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans...just made a cool trip out of the whole thing.

I know there are a few in stock out here (I just bought my '06 a week ago from existing dealer stock)...what are you looking for? CVT/5sp? Color?

Cap'n. . .
merigayle said:
I was looking for a blue, not manual. (DH said no :( ) I am a health care provider in private practive and cannot take off work to do something like that, I wish i could, it would be fabulous. The car will come soon. i just hope they are not lying to me, though i have gotten my civic there and put a deposit down.
Miller Honda had a blue CVT model as of last Saturday...How much of a tease am I??? :) Best of luck with your Insight when it does arrive! Oh, what's a DH?

Cap'n. . .

PS: [edit] Just got an e-mail back from Miller Honda. They still have the Blue CVT on the lot. :)
merigayle said:
Where's Miller Honda???

Dh=husband in internet speak, sorry!

You are a tease. :) I am just paranoid my Honda guy won't come thru in the end. I will call tonight, but after you tell me where Miller is....
Yeah, Miller Honda is in Van Nuys, CA...about 6 miles from my house. I actually went to for my Insight and "configured" the car for a price. Then I clicked on "get a quote from a local dealer." They send out your request to 5 or 6 dealers and within a few minutes I had replies back in e-mail from the Internet sales folks with "I've got your car!" Not much haggling either as the price you get on carsdirect is *very* competitive. You should give that a try for a zip code a couple-hundred miles away from in the next major city.

I also did this when I bought the a price from carsdirect and walked into Nissan dealers with, "This is the car I want...the options I want...and here's what I'm going to pay." It became a fun little game. Most thought I was nuts thinking I could get it for that low. Heck, I could just click to buy it on-line an it would show up at my door in 3 days for that price...but that was in '01 and now most dealers have an "internet division" where they just write up sales. The local SoCal guys were the most that's why I flew to NH for it.

Sorry for being such a tease... :) Keep digging around...persistence will pay off!
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I told the guy from Miller Honda that there were folks on the East coast waiting a loooog time for an Insight...His reply was, "Wow, they should only have to wait 3 months to have any color built in any city."

Also, as I recall, any Honda dealer can find inventory for you...trick is getting them to TELL you. The Nissan dealer in Santa Monica did some digging and found the exact pathfinder I wanted. He followed up by saying that they would NOT exchange with a dealer in Arizona because they would loose money. I said, "Okay... I'll just fly out there and drive it back...which dealer is it?" He said...are you ready for this?..."Give me a hundred dollars and I'll tell you." (!!!) :shock:

Cap'n. . .
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