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Yet another prospective buyer

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Hi, everyone.

I've enjoyed reading the voluminous posts and instructional material at this wonderful site. One question, and then a request for advice:

1. Any thoughts about squeezing a second passenger into the car (curled up in back, I guess) for a short trip? It seems to go against everything I've read here, but I wonder whether anyone has done it. I usually drive alone or with one passenger; this would be strictly for very rare occasions.

2. I looked at, and plan to test-drive, a new 2005 Insight that the dealer said arrived on the lot within the past couple of months. Does that make sense? A trustworthy salesman at my local dealership said it's possible, because of how long it takes from ordering to delivery in this country. I'll check the invoice, of course. Just looking for input.

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Thank you to John, Scott, and Scott's lab. I suspect that my sister-in-law would feel the same way about riding in the back.
Billy said:
Hi Slim; although a "new 2005" may recently have arrived on the dealers lot, I would think it is NOT straight from the factory! They discontinued building 2005's way last April or May, I believe. It is possible this car came from another dealer where it had been sitting for quite awhile. Check the driver's door jamb for a production date plate or sticker. Billy....
Billy: Thanks for the assessment. I was thinking the same thing -- why would a 2005 arrive in the midst of the 2006s? Unfortunately, I went for my test drive before seeing your reply, so I didn't check for a sticker; fortunately, I got to drive the car! After that wonderful experience, I'll definitely be buying one. -Susan
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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