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Well, I got 5 more thousand out of these than I did the dunlop. I had several flats the next morning in the drivers side and used a dose if fix a flat to fix them each time. I rotated them front to back and back every 5 thousand miles.

No problems traction wise. The end was quick. I ran over something in the drivers side and started to hear a hissing noise, then a pop. After the pop the i2 started to get squirrelie. I planned my exit to the next exit and gas station. The ride got worse the next 3 miles. I started to hear and feel a slappin on the drivers side. I kept slowing and parked it at the gas station.

I decided to get new drivers side. I checked the passenger side and both were down to the wear bars with uneven wear across the thread as well as along the tread.

Got 4 new ones and it's like driving a new car. :D

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