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You got a Hemi in that?

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Sorry if this is a bit long...

Since I got my Insight my driving habits have changed drastically. I'm now the guy in the low speed lane playing the maximum efficiency game.

That being said, yesterday my dark side made a brief reappearance. I was the lead car at an intersection. I was in the lane which is intended to go straight. A guy in a Dodge 1500 V8 pickup pulled up in the right lane. You know, the lane which is quite clearly marked "RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT". Well, he obviously had no intention of doing so, and set himself up about a trucklength and change ahead of me at the light. The far side of this intersection necks down from 2 lanes to one about a quarter mile up. Having heard about the speed of the Insight off the line, but never having tested it I decided to go for it.

Well, the light changed, and I punched it. My tires chirped and I was off. I was doing about 50+ in second gear when the pickup bailed and gave me the lane.

I don't intend to make a habit of driving like that, but it is kind of nice to know what the car can do in a pinch.

Chris in Washington, NH
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I was also thinking maybe you should have told the driver of the truck something like "that thing's got a Hemi, this thing's got a V-Tec E!" ... before punching it. :twisted:

Sora - Recycled
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