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You know Gas is too expensive when ...

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Hi All:

___This is a bit OT as far as the Insight is concerned so I hope Benjamin will allow it. It sure was interesting and there is still hope for America and fuel misers everywhere ...

___I couldn’t believe it but I saw a near new Red Lincoln Navigator drafting an 18-wheeler on the way home tonight. They were traveling 60 mph in a 65 mph zone and the guy was within 4 car lengths for over 4 miles. The guy was good as he was dec up hills and acc down them just as the trucker was doing ... I was surfing them in the process.

___Anyway, I try to draft or surf using the 1 second rule when ever a truck is available but a Lincoln Navigator? Gas is only $1.50 in my neck of the woods too ... I was simply surprised given the vehicle size and type and the fact that the guy was pretty good ;)

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:5mq3rbtd][email protected][/email:5mq3rbtd]
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He was probably saving as much gas as an Insight would take to run. You know, draft one---drive one free. :wink:

Seriously, 18 wheelers draft 18 wheelers and many who drive for a living are interested in fuel saving. I spoke to the owner of a trucking company for about an hour. He came into a video store and called out to see if the person who owned the hybrid was in the store. He told me that he had tried out a hybrid transport truck but said that it was not yet good enough for the rocky mountains. He really new his cars as he had rebuilt and sold many classic sports cars. Altogether a very interesting talk. I gave him a spin in the Insight and he liked it big time. 8)
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