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You know the motoring world is changing when...

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the Toyota Prius is advertised on UK radio and the whole advert is based on the advantages of the hybrid system...

and when General Motors lose $1billion in the first quarter, admitting that part of their problems stem from not producing fuel efficient vehicles...
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I've been telling people for over 2 years

That American car companies are too reliant on thirsty guzzling cars, no company can totally place its future on a very small base of products, especially when those small number of products rely on a constant source of cheap gas, which will certainly dry up in the future.

GM is paying the price for being greedy, I guess its Karma.

Can't help but wonder...

if this public-service advertising campaign, which came out about a month ago, is hurting GM and other companies focusing on large vehicles as well:
I thought GM was losing all that money because (except for the Corvette) they make ugly cars. Silly me.
"...because (except for the Corvette) they make ugly cars."

Yep, silly you :) Surely you know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that different people have different tastes. Heck, there are even some people who think the Insight is ugly :) Or that the Mini Cooper or the - brain stall, the little Chrysler one that looks like it was designed in the 1940s - are attractive.
everyone is finally learning the meaning of quality.
You know the world's changing when...

When the *first* question everyone on the street asks is, "What kinda milage you getting with that car?"

I tell 'em I have to put it on my calendar to "get gas this month", and that when I do, there can be change coming back from a $20 bill.

Oooo, their eyes get wide!

Berk with a 2000, getting about 58 mpg in rainy wx in the mtns.
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