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I was performing the B1 maintenance on my Insight recently and I noticed that the lower control arm rear bushings had mild to moderate dry rot (cracking) as well as the pivot bushings for the rear axle. I see that the bushings for either are not sold independently. Here is my question: Not only am I looking for bushings sold separately but I'm looking for polyurethane. Here is what I have found: No one sells these for the Insight..... But!

The lower control arms on the Fit are identical part numbers to the Insight, leading me to believe that the bushings from a Fit / Jazz would also work on the Insight:

LF 51360-TK6-A01
RF 51350-TK6-A01

The rear axle on the fit is different, however looking at the diagrams the area where the axle pivots appears to be identical and the bolts that secure the axle to the pivot point are identical between the two chassis, leading me to believe that these bushings would also be identical.

I have reached out to Superpro who was reluctant to give me a straight answer on the matter, has anyone here experimented??

Superpro sells the bushing kits for the Fit / Jazz for front and rear.... soooooo.. :) Checking other vendors like energy etc.

Thank you for your time.
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